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Images of Labor and Social Movements in the Pre-1945 Japan

ポスター画像 Posters and Handbills of Farmers' Movements
In the middle of the whirling escalation of the farmers movement. The entire farming masses of Hokkaido and the seven Tohoku prefectures in one place. Come to the meeting of the ZNK (National Farmers' Union) (National Farmers' Union) Tohoku Association. Date: February 25, 10am. Place: Yokote theater, town of Yokote. A commemorative meeting (entrance fee: 10 sen) Sponsored by the Akita prefectural chapter of the ZNK (National Farmers' Union) (National. Slogans: Long live the proletariat party's battle line! Long live the farmers battle line!! Immediately repeal forceful collection laws!!! We resolutely oppose the imperialist war!!! Down with poverty in farming communities!!! Down with the Hamaguchi cabinet of unemployment!!!



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