Bibliography of Books and Articles about Industrial Relations in Japan

This bibliography covers books, dissertations, chapters of edited volumes, journal articles concerning industrial relations, labor history, labor politics, and other labor-related topics in Japan. All books and articles listed here are written in English.

Table of Contents
Section One
Books and Dissertations
  1. Books Published before 1970
  2. Labor History
  3. Industrial Relations and Labor Politics since 1950
  4. Gender and Labor,
  5. Labor Law
  6. Studies on Comparative Industrial Relations (in which the Japanese case is included)
  7. Dissertations
Section Two
Chapters in Edited Volumes, Working Papers, Journal Articles
  1. General Literature Survey
  2. Chapters and Articles Published before 1980
  3. Labor History
  4. Labor Politics
  5. Industrial Relations in General, Industrial Relations in Large Private-Sector Firms
  6. Industrial Relations in Small- and Medium-Size Private-Sector Firms and in the Public Sector
  7. Labor Law
  8. Work Organizations, Labor Process, Shopfloor Politics
  9. Gender and Labor
  10. Labor Unions and Foreign Workers

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